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Dear Friends & Family of Rotary,

What an amazing year this has been, one (1) month into a new decade & so much has already happened.

February brings out the BEST in all of us reminding us how Blessed we are to Love & Be Loved. 

Love truly makes the world go round and it said that, it is in love that we wage peace. Conflict and violence across the globe displaced more than 68 million people in the past year, and half of those are children.

As the world Celebrates the love month we have the privilege of focusing on Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution. As Rotarians we are dedicated to six (6) areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives and create a better world to support our PEACE efforts & Eradicate Polio Forever.

Conflict and violence displace millions of people each year. Half of those killed in conflict are children, and 90 percent are civilians. 

As Rotarians we refuse to accept conflict as a way of life. Our projects provide training that fosters understanding and provides communities with the skills to resolve conflicts.

Through our service projects, peace fellowships, and scholarships, we consistently take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.


Will you Join Us?

What impact can your donation have?

Your support can save a life. Through your donations our projects provide training that fosters understanding and equipping communities with the skills they need to resolve conflicts.

Read more about how we are making it happen

See Also

“I have Decided to Stick with Peace, Hate is too much of a Burden to Bear. ”

Martin Luther King Jnr.

Next Month we focus on Water & Sanitation, we know were is soo much that we have done to provide safe drinking water and provide dignity through our sanitation projects, share Your Impact with us.

As an editorial team we are keen to hear from you & how you are connecting the world, no project is too small, we’d love to share your impact with the world. Upload your human interest anecdotes packaged in three hundred (400 – 650) word articles accompanied by one (1) three (3) action photos of your club’s impact.

Remember Making A Difference is about how we “Make A Difference – Everyday, though Every Club & How we Impact the communities in every Country we Serve.

If you have a story that you would like featured, share it with us on We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours in Rotary Service,

Rtn. Wanjikú WAIRIA|
District Newsletter Chair|
Rotary Club of Nairobi – Lang’ata|

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