Entertainment GALORE For DisCon Guests

Westlands, where most Rotarians attending the DisCon 2020 will reside, is a veritable mecca for delicious food, marvelous drinks and lots of fun entertainment.

There’s a wide variety of food to be enjoyed in the neighborhood, everything from fast food of all types found in Sarit’s own Food Court or the Honey and Dough. There is authentic African cooking at Nyama Mama’s and there are even five-star meals at elegant hotels close by like the Sankara and the Villa Rosa Kempinski. There are also spots having extensive multi-national menus like the cozy Node.

And as for drinks, there are spots that specialize in serving amazing cocktails like The Mirage Tower and the Galileo Lounge. There are others that brew and serve their own boutique beers One is The Brew Bistro and Lounge that serves its special Premier brew beer while the Sierra in Rivaan Plaza has its own brewery that serves Bavarian beer and compliments it with authentic Thai food.

And as for entertainment, one can find all types of fun things to do in Westlands. For instance, if one is into fitness, they can head to the Azure Hotel where there is a fitness centre, pool, and spa as well as a casino for those inclined to gamble in their free time.

And if one would love to find some local music, he or she can try Hypnotica where the music is marvelous and the lighting system is synchronized with the sound so it’s also an excellent place to go dancing.

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The Mirage Tower, in addition to preparing marvelous cocktails and great food also has a slew of talented DJs who will give you a good feeling for what both local Kenyans and our international guests enjoy musically speaking.

Finally, there’s one place in Westlands that doesn’t look like much from the outside. But once you enter The Alchemist you will find an eclectic mix of everything from delicious fresh food and drinks to a craft market and any number of other independent creative entrepreneurs, many of whom conduct programs ranging from films to fashion shows to poetry slams and other cultural festivals, depending on the times and days you get there. The Alchemist often described as one of the leading creative hubs of Nairobi. So make sure you find some time while attending the DisCon 2020 to look around Westlands and check out to the local social scene. You won’t regret it. You won’t see much ‘wildlife’ but you will find sides of urban Nairobi that have a fascination of their own and are equally memorable.

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