Polio Mega Campaign by the Rotary Club of Agra Taj MAHAL

India stands at the cusp of yet another public health feat. Having successfully overcome the challenges of diseases like maternal and neonatal tetanus in the recent past, the country is making confident strides to triumph over polio.

Polio attacks the nervous system, causes paralysis and even death.  Although the virus can affect people of any age, its main victims are those under five.  Polio is incurable, but can be prevented by vaccination.

Although 70 years have passed since the largest polio outbreak in history and the appearance of the vaccine in the mid-50s of the last century, this disease has not yet been completely eradicated in the globe. However, India was recently declared polio-free but vaccination remains key to sustain polio eradication from the country.

In light of this, the Rotary Club of Agra Taj Mahal is conducting a Mega Polio Campaign scheduled to take place from 3rd – 5th January 2020 in Agra, India. Under the theme “Keep India Polio Free”, this noble initiative aims at Create awareness among the local community by giving polio drops to ensure India remains Polio free.

Soon India will no longer use oral polio vaccines as they will be replaced with the injected polio vaccine. The Mega Polio Campaign will be the Last Chance for Rotary Volunteers to do Polio Drops before India switches to Injectable vaccines as the global fight against polio, by Rotary International, inches closer.

Imagine the opportunity for you as a Rotary volunteer to help prevent dozens of children from this horrible disease! Exhilarating, right? In addition to the Polio Immunization Rounds, you will participate in special Rotary activities, Social events, and Rotary club projects and experience the warm spirit of the Rotary Club of TajMahal.

Giving 2 drops of Polio to dozens of kids with your appeal that no child to be left without drops, directly benefits one family / community but indirectly, approximately 3000 to 5000 people.

Expressions of interest forms and further information are available from District 9930 Polio Chair Michelle Tanner or the RC Agra Tajmahal’s Facebook page.

Visit Rotary Club of TajMahal Facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/pg/rotary.agra.india/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2244403619134725&ref=page_internal

Bringing the Social Change!!

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Rtn Sudhir Tomer | Jt Polio Chair | 2019-20

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