VUKA na bell!

Vuka na bell was born out of the realization that attendance of club meetings of many clubs was low and the surprise of many people was that a Rotarian was willing to visit a club just to fellowship. The highlights began in RC Muthaiga who hid their bell and the Vuka na bell team had to engage in serious negotiations which led to them attending our love zone event.

RC Nairobi North took our bell. The team was forced to visit them to show them how a successful operation is done. We applied the principles of the 4 way test. In addition we took several gift items which came in handy as they had a project the following weekend.

RC Nairobi East dared us to take their bell! We did.

We have had a couple of challenges. We tied 12 members at RC Hurlingham. Mobilizing Rotarians is not an easy fete. Most clubs are struggling with attendance and therefore executing a successful mission requires a lot of commitment.

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We have been successful 5 times. The response has been good. The initiative has energized our clubs by increasing our attendance numbers not only by make ups but also our own club attendance since we have had to defend our bell on several occasions.

Vuka na bell will continue into the future. We hope to strengthen fellowships and friendships , all in the spirit of Rotary

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