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One of the most important corporal works of mercy is to visit the sick. It makes the patient feel valued and have a sense of identity.

Reading from the script of “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, the Rotary club of Ngong’ Hills used the month of December to spread love to ailing members and partners who had fallen unwell during the course of the year. 

Mrs Kamau, or as commonly known Mama Zipporah, is the Director of Huruma Children Home and Schools. The School happens to host of one of the Interact Clubs that we as a club, have sponsored. Mama Zipporah has the warmest and most bubbling personality you have ever seen.  Mid 2019, she was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer that affects the bone marrow. Initially she thought it was just the usual fatigue, only for her one morning to wake up partially paralyzed. This was the onset of a long straining journey battling the scourge. She could neither stand nor get out of the bed. After visiting a number of local hospitals, the doctors advised her to seek medical help outside the country. They settled on a hospital in India. Family, friends and well-wishers came together to raise funds required to cater for the hospital bills and flight cost to India.  After an intensive treatment in India, she has since regained her full mobility.

In the true spirit of spreading the Christmas feeling, the Rotary club of Ngong’ Hills paid her a courtesy call on December 5th. A broad smile and a relentless spirit were depicted all over her. Unlike our previous visit when she was bedridden inn excruciating pain, this time round she had vigor and joy, and this made all of us full of zeal.

“Tenda Wema Nenda Zako” is a local saying that encourages us to do good, no matter how big or small, for someone else. You never truly live until you do something to someone who can never repay you. Rotarian Thomas narrated how Mama Zipporah had paid his KCSE Exam fees after r he had been sent away from Secondary school due to non-payment. Mama Zipporah could not remember the incident since she had helped so many people in needy situations, but it was a case of “Tenda Wema Nenda Zako”; true charity. We were all in awe and admiration

10th of December was another busy day for our club. We set out to visit Mr. Gitau, the Chairman of Bodaboda Sacco of Ngong’. RC Ngong’ Hills and the Ngong’ Bodaboda Sacco enjoys a rich closely-knitted partnership anchored on gospel of peace in the societies. Through this partnership, we constructed a state-of-the-art Bodaboda shed. Together with AA Kenya and the Kajiado County government, RC Ngong’ Hills has also partnered to conduct training and road licenses to the Bodaboda operators. Mr. Gitau has been eager to facilitate this mutual partnership.

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In 2013 Mr. Gitau was diagnosed with mild water perforations in the lungs caused by Pneumonia. He was constantly under treatment to help manage the situation. Towards the end of last year, doctors recommended surgery to correct the perforated peptic ulcer. After a successful surgery at AIC Kijabe hospital, Mr. Gitau was put on bed rest to fully recuperate. When the club visited him at home, he was full of high spirits and his family was extremely receptive and hospitable.

The sick, like less privileged, are ever with us. This provides for us, as Rotarians, almost unlimited opportunities to put our Rotary spirit into practice

Article by Martin Miriti – Rotary Club of Ngong’ Hills

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