It’s a NEW Dawn!

By Rtr. Karen Rono, Rotaract Club of Catholic University|

It’s a new dawn!

Welcome to The Timeline as well as the New Rotary New Year!

This year we seek to ensure that Rotary connects the world in all ways through service, fellowship, and fun within the District and the world over as we elevate our game with creating more significant impact through service.

As we continue with the season of installation, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the District Governor, Assistant Governors, Presidents, and Board Members all across the District and world over.

The next twelve (12) months will be tumultuous in the sense that we will do things a bit differently. This year we will involve you in the reporting and submitting of content within the blog to keep it authentic and interactive. Further, we shall have interactive themes throughout the year that will keep you glued to the Timeline.

The Timeline is structured into various parts:

•    The Feature-The main story of the week/ month

•    Crowd Source- (Wave and Rave) -Rotary and Rotaract segment where we feature numerous club articles.

•    The DG’s Message-The District Governor’s routine message.

•    DRR’S Message-The District Rotaract Representative routine message.

•    Editor’s Board-Where you get to give us your feedback.

•    Get Featured –This enables you to send an article to the Timeline Editorial Team to get your article featured.

For our Premier feature, we will be featuring the Big 5 clubs with the highest membership and extracting snippets of wisdom and key learnings. This month we will highlight the Presidents of the Biggest Clubs within the District. We will seek to gather fragments of wisdom from them as they tell us what exactly goes into club engagement and the unique features that each of the clubs has adapted that has contributed to their success.

See Also

Our first feature story we caught up with Michael Kimani, President Rotary Club of Langata. Langata boasts of being young and dynamic with the highest number of members within the District.

As Mahatma Gandhi once put it, ’The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service’ Let us keep on giving, investing our time into the platform Rotary has offered us to help others.

Follow us on our social media pages and drop by our editor’s board to give us feedback.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Rotaractor Karen Rono

IFeature Coordinator.

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