Introducing S-PRoF; a vocational fellowship of Rotarians!

We are glad to introduce the S-PRoF, a Vocational Fellowship of Rotarians! This fellowship is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International. S-PRoF is the expression of a Rotary International core value, representing an association of the Strategic Planning thinking Rotarians and of other skilled people in the field, participants in RI activities.

The S-ProF application was submitted on March 22, 2019 and recognized as a fellowship on October 4, 2019 under the vocational: RI bylaws governing Rotary Fellowships, CoP Art. 42.020.1

The S-ProF solely aims to develop Strategic Planning skills by learning, and implementing this knowledge through educational and operational activities.

The Rotary International resources in the Strategic Planning field are and will henceforth be used as main S-PRoF resources since S-PRoF Vision is a Rotary International Vision.

The start of the S-PRoF activity will focus only the first three Strategic Planning Levels of the NSP pyramid: Members, Club and District. The involvement of S-PRoF in the activities of the other Strategic Planning Leadership levels will be made only upon RI request.

Based on the S-PRoF Executive Committee consent the external posts of S-PRoF will have to be approved by the S-PRoF Director for Communication. S-PRoF’s discussions are subject of internal opinions.  External posts must not be in conflict with the RI communication in the field.

In this establishment, the Rotary International has the right of property on the ideas and proposals of S-PRoF in the Strategic Planning field.

Further, S-PRoF’s funds will be used ONLY for administration purposes, not for covering personal expenses and will consist in fees ($100/3 years or $50/ year) and donations payable in a bank account proposed by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee.

S-PRoF members Leadership Structure will be mainly oriented on Educational and Operational activities following the hierarchy of the NSP Pyramid Leadership Levels and the Rotary International ones . The S-PRoF  will be structured under three committees: Executive, Operational, Educational


Corneliu Dincă, PRID Chair, Director ExOE7 – Trainer
Stephanie Urchick (USA), RID Co-chair, Director ExOEL7 – Trainer, Communications
Jessie Harman (Australia), RIDN Director ExOEL7 – Trainer
Virpi Honkala (Northern Europe), RIDE Director ExOEL7– Trainer
Marijan Bulat, RC Director Liaison ExOEL7 – Trainer
Daniel Tanase, IRC Director Education & Resources ExOEL7 – Trainer
Martha Mocanu, E/MGA Treasurer, Director Finances ExOL7

Educational Committee to be discussed

Operational Committee to be discussed

Levels: 1 – Members

L2 – Club

L3 – District

L4 – Region

L5 – Zone

L6 – Continent/Multi-Zone

L7 – The Rotary World.

This approach means that each member of the group will receive a sort of classification like:

ExOELn, L=1 to 7.

See Also

For example ExOEL4 will be interpreted like Director Level 4 (Region) Executive/Operational/Educational

Recognition awards:

Based on the well-known proposal of Stephanie we will all have

S-PRoF’s :

  1. Membership pins – Logo
  2. ” Champion” pins (for Educational or Operational merits)
  3. ”Ambassador” pins (for both Educational & Operational merits)

All this will be in Rotary Strategic Planning which will be granted on the basis of certain criteria of SP involvement.

S-PRoF’s funds will be used ONLY for administration purposes, not for covering personal expenses and will consist in:

$100/3 years or $50/ year

Dues/ donations payable in the following bank account:

RO10BTRL01702205488742XX,  SWIFT code: BTRLRO22XXXRomania

Article by Dr. Corneliu Dincă, PRID – Regional Development & Strategic Planning, Rotary International

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