Giving Ngong police traffic administration block and inmates Cells a new look

What a great way of closing the half rotary year 2019-2020 it was. On Thursday December 5th 2019 the Rotarians and Rotaractors of Rotary Club of  Ngong  Hills excitedly conglomerated at Ngong  Police Station with one purpose; to Commission the Police Administration block and the inmates cells.

Rotary in Action it was!

Saturday November 16th the club began a Project and the journey of giving the Ngong Police station a new coat of paint. The Traffic Administration block were old and rugged, whereas the cells walls were dirty and charred. Most of us had never set our foot on a police station, now we were inside the cells,” yes, inside the cells, for the right reason; to ensure all those who found themselves there… stayed in a dignified place”. The Officer Commanding Station (OCS) Mr. Ephraim welcomed us and was so happy that there was a group of people that actually and sincerely thought of them. Guided by an expert Painter (Joseph and his team) we embarked on the process. Some of us with brushes, others with rollers whereas others worked on the old paint.

The task was to repaint the Traffic Administration block, 8 cells and the inmates resting bay. Most of the inmates who had been unfortunate to spend the weekend in the cells, looked at us with amazement. Some openly asking who Rotary was? After a great morning session of excellent work, the pangs of hunger and tiredness started taking toll on the members. It was time to call it a day and together we set off for a one on one lunch as a family of Rotary. The lest of the painting would be done by the professional painters under close supervision by the Rotary members starting the following week.

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The big day was here. The project had been successfully accomplished, just awaiting commissioning. The police community were full of appreciation and gratitude. The OCS Mr. Ephraim Mburu and the Traffic Deputy Commander Madam Tereza Sugut took us around the station. The Traffic Administration block looked magnificent and the cells looked tidy and attractive. Armed with the Rotary four way sticker we placed it on one corner of the cells corridor with much hope it would inspire a transformation on all who were to visit the cells. The Club President, Rotarian Martin led the Rotarians and Rotaractors in cutting the Ribbon and together we commissioned the Project.

Article by Martin Miriti – Rotary Club of Ngong Hills

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