Addressing Malnutrition, Hunger and Food Security OPPORTUNITIES

Dear Club President,

Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group (FPSRAG) is a dynamic project that focuses on addressing malnutrition, hunger and food security using readily available local food plants.

We create educational resources that help people, particularly women, to understand the connection between plant selection and nutrition, and empowers them to grow a range of plants with differing seasonal requirements and maturities.  Malnutrition and other serious health problems, such as blindness, intellectual disabilities, anaemia and impaired growth are due to the lack of balanced nutrition in the diet.  FPSRAG’s approach is a sustainable solution to hunger, malnutrition and food security that is cost-effective and proven to work.

We’ve had much success;

In Vietnam, working with AOG world Relief Vietnam, school gardens are being established.  Children are taught about the plants, how to grow them, why their bodies need the nutrients from these plants and then how to use (eat) those plants.  Parents see the benefits of the school garden and replicate them in their home gardens.  Our latest results from school gardens, across 8 schools, shows malnutrition reduced by 40-100% in one year! 

In Ecuador, Richard Miller, Rotary Club of Los Chillos Milenio has said “I just want to say BRAVO for the work in producing materials such as this guide. To me it is a perfect example of what Rotary is about, well done.”

These are just some examples of what we can do with your help.

Maybe we could partner with your club, perhaps you are developing a Global Grant, maybe to build a school or hospital in an area of need?  We could provide an add-on to that grant whereby a school or community garden could be added so that the families would also be able to live healthy lives with a secure food base.  Maybe you have an existing project that we could add-on to?

Food Plant Solutions get many enquiries from NGO’s who need our educational materials. We then have to fundraise through clubs to pay for their production, translation, and sometimes printing. This costs time and money, time which most of these people who need them do not have.  We ask that you consider putting aside $500 your budget each year, to enable us to say “Yes we can” to those requests much faster than we do now. By searching our website you can see the documents, taking into account the needs of the country who requested them. 

More information about us is available from our website –

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us as together “Rotary Connects the World”.

Yours in Rotary,

PDG Una Hobday, PHF, OAM

Chair, Food Plant Solutions RAG

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